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Leasing Services

The professionals at Smith & Associates Real Estate are dedicated to meeting all of your property rental and management needs. Our specially trained rental experts will provide you with a solution that will allow for maximum property exposure.

Our reputation, innovative marketing, and vast network of contacts guarantees exposure of your property to the greatest number of qualified tenants.

  • Advertising: Multiple Listing Service (MLS), prominent branded signage, many syndicated real estate and rental websites
  • Process tenant applications through a third party website for credit, criminal and eviction checks
  • Execution of lease and pertinent documents and disclosures
  • Coordinate documents and approval with any required associations
  • Conduct a thorough move-in walk through of the rental property before move-in.

Tenant Screening

Proper screening of a tenant is crucial to protecting your investment. Smith & Associates Real Estate’s
evaluation process for tenants includes a thorough Tenant Application Form & Authorization, ensuring each adult renter completes an accurate application & submits to a credit check after approval. 

Smith will confirm each applicant can make rental payments through careful review of income, amount of current rent, consistent and timely rent payments, property condition, complaint history, and leasing obligations. Vehicle information and a copy of a valid photo ID will also be kept on file.

Property Inspection

Before new tenants occupy the property we will inspect and generate a report on the condition. A digital camera may used to record the visual inspection. The same process will apply at the move-out phase. 

Additional inspections can be arranged for a fee, please contact one of our property management experts for more.

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Property Management

In addition to our leasing program, Smith and Associates Property Management provides professional services to assist absentee owners in maintaining their asset through our specialty trained professionals.

  • Collect monthly rent and late fees according to the terms of the lease
  • Provide you with monthly and annual property financial reports through our online system
  • Coordinate routine maintenance and emergency repairs and process billing for such
  • Promptly respond to tenant requests
  • Assist in enforcing the terms of the lease

We Inspect Your Property

Before new tenants occupy the property we will inspect and generate a report on the condition. The same process will apply at the move-out phase. Additional inspections can be arranged for a fee.

Accounting & Financial Statements

After signing the property management agreement, all the money received from the homeowner and from the tenant will be placed in an escrow account. A monthly revenue and expense statement will be accessible through our online system. We will attach copies of all maintenance and/or repair invoices to your account online. We will also provide an end-of-year statement to assist you in your income tax preparations upon request. Rents are typically due on the first day of each month. Fees will be assessed to the tenant after five days. We collect the rent for you and send you the rent within five business days after the rent is received.


We will coordinate routine maintenance and emergency repairs with trade specific vendors. At the start of the Property Management Agreement, $400.00 will be collected and deposited in a repair escrow. Staff and contractors are available 24/7 to ensure your property is kept in top condition and that your tenants remain satisfied.

Additional Services

The following services will be completed at your request. (Additional fees may apply)

  • Second or more inspection of the property during a one year period
  • Move-in / move-out cleaning services
  • Coordinate and maintain property expenses (i.e. insurance, taxes)

No person shall be denied the right to rent one of our properties based on the applicant’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, or family status.